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Client Testimonials
This note is just a small token of my big appreciation. You know how important this new chance is for me and my family especially to my baby daughter. Thank you very much for never giving up on my case – it was a very complicated case but with your perseverance, we won. I know it was a job to you but for me it was my life and my future. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to have a better future here in the U.S. Vivien V., Indiana
All the odds were against us but we retained you as our lawyer and you fought very hard for us and we won. You helped us reunite our family after long long years of separation. Thank you attorney for your wisdom and big heart.
Rod & Edith C., Illinois
We are blessed to have chosen you as our lawyer. We initially consulted with a law firm in California but we were not satisfied. You analyzed our case with a great deal of knowledge and professional expertise and you were compassionate to us. For this our family will be forever indebted to you.
Joel and Sheril, Bangkok, Thailand
Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all that you've done, guiding us along the way and giving us hope even when the situation seemed hopeless. You put your whole heart and soul into doing for others and we are blessed to be on the receiving end. Thank you so much.
Nanette B. and Francis M., New York
Thank you for a job well done. I believe this kind of endeavor is a partnership. Indeed you have treated me and made me feel a "partner" not a "client". You entertained all my questions and answered them satisfactorily. You attended to me personally, not through an assistant. Your smile helped me a lot to ease my tensions. I had not felt this way with my previous lawyer.
Maribeth M., New Jersey
Thank you for your energy in bringing my application to fruition. I will recommend your name to others every chance I get. May God bless you richly.
Janine A., Florida
I'm so deeply grateful. I was so confident and gave you my full trust because I knew God gave you his wisdom to help people. You were God's instrument in obtaining my green card.
Yolly G., New Jersey
Thank you so much for all your help. You are a very good lawyer. If I have any friends that need help, I will recommend them to you. Thank you again. I can now go to the Philippines and visit my family.
Chona K., New York
I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done. I would not be here if it wasn't for the brilliant work you did. Thank you for your patience, hard work, dedication and devotion. I am truly blessed to have you as my lawyer.
F.M. Jr., New York
You answered promptly all my calls, attorney and I could even contact you after office hours. I am very satisfied.
Josefino G., Florida
Thank you for your great help and effort on my I-140 approval. I really appreciate it.
Soojin, South Korea
Thank you for helping us make our dreams come true. We wish more power to you and your practice.
Dacanay Family, New York
My fiancé and I are truly impressed with how you handled my case. Be assured that, should anyone ask us for referrals, we'll surely recommend your law office. Thank you very much.
Stella R., New York
I really appreciated your dealing with me personally in phone conversations and mails. Your associate, Tia, did an excellent job too. Thank you so much for everything.
Lucia P., Florida
You were the immigration attorney of our computer consulting company for many years. You handled over 300 H-1B petitions. Although many of them did not have a computer degree you were able to qualify them as computer professionals. You also handled many adjustment applications. We were fully satisfied with your work ethic and effectiveness.
F.F., SCI, New Jersey
I just want to drop you a short note to let you know how much we appreciate all that you've done for us. Thanks for a very difficult job well done. It was such a huge relief to see the stamp on my passport. Your kindness is appreciated very much.
Cecille, New York
We are greatly satisfied with the services that your office provided us and may God always bless you.
William D., Florida
Thank you for your help. We will not forget it. You did a great job.
Ben & Armin P., New York
Just a little note to say thank you very much. I received my green card (almost 30 years since entering the US with a fake visa and passport). You have the perfect touch. Thanks for everything. God bless.
Jorge P., New York
Thank you so much for helping my family. We really appreciate your help and will highly recommend you.
Ann B., New York
You’ve done so much. Thank you for all your efforts. I’m sending you a token of my appreciation.
Ilominada F. and family, California
Thank you for your kindness and for all your help.
Nerissa C., Michigan
I am so happy that you have worked hard to take time to answer the USCIS promptly. Maybe you are a Godsend because I prayed so hard to be given a counsel who can help because at that time I was so desperate especially my husband and kids.
E.L., Philippines
I am indeed happy to inform you that I received my green card. Again my appreciation to your kind and utmost assistance.
Sally L., Philippines
Thanks for the valuable time you spent accommodating my problems.
Salvacion G., New York
Thank you so much for all your help to our family. It has been a long, hard road and we are seeing the light at the end of this road.
Catherine S., Maryland
Attorney, I think you are the only lawyer I really feel comfortable with. I really think you are the perfect lawyer for me.
L.S., Virginia
You assisted our school in the filing of H-1B petition, labor certification and I-140 petition for one of our teachers. You also filed the adjustment of status application for the teacher and her family. Our school is satisfied with your work, which was prompt and kept us current.
G.C., New Jersey
My wife received her green card yesterday. Thank you for all your assistance in this long process. We will always be thankful to you.
Rich & Micky L., New York
Thanks so much for your help. May God continue blessing you and more power.
Gloria S., New York
Thanks Reuben. We appreciate all the help you have given us.
Joseph & Careen, Virginia
Thank you so much for all your help in our green card application.
Erick & Reina L., New Hampshire
Thank you very much for all your help and assistance.
Wilma & Dan S., New Jersey
We thank you for all the efforts you have extended to me and my family.
Erma M., Maryland
Our school engaged your services to file an I-140 petition and adjustment application for a teacher. We were fully satisfied with your work. You were always prompt in filing the applications and you always updated us of developments.
G.H., Maryland
Your kindness means so much to me. Thank you.
M.G., New Jersey
Thank you. Thank you attorney for all your help.
Renato C., New York
You were the immigration attorney of more than 20 hospitals which have recruited nurses through our company. You processed about 300 green card applications of these nurses and their dependents at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines. You also filed many adjustment of status applications. You were very prompt in answering inquiries and in following up the applications and you have vast experience in dealing with the U.S. Embassy in Manila, the National Visa Center, the USCIS and the Department of State. The hospitals and our recruiting company have been very satisfied with your work.
J.C., South Carolina