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Articles About: Nurses

Dilemma of the Out-of-Status RNs and PTs
February 26, 2007

CGFNS Blanket Denial of Visa Screen May Be Subject to Review
February 19, 2007

Manila Should Not Have Gone Through All the Trouble to Get NCLEX Site
February 16, 2007

H-1C Nursing Relief Extension Not Enough
December 15, 2006

Proposed Visa Screen Blanket Denial is Unfair
December 8, 2006

Visa Relief Needed for RNs and Vet's Families
November 10, 2006

Is RP (Really) Good Enough for NCLEX?
August 11, 2006

Philippines Bypassed Again as NCLEX-RN Test Site
February 10, 2006

Legal Perspectives of Global Nurse Migration (PowerPoint)
January 25, 2006

Filipino Nurses Fight Back Abusive Employers
July 20, 2005

Foreign Trained Nurses: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities
July 2005

Immigrant Visa Retrogression for Nurses Cries for Action
December 15, 2004

To Leave or Not To Leave: The Dilemmas of Filipino Nurses
October 2004, Philippine News

Undue Rules Fuel Nursing Shortage
October 2004, Philippine News

Immigration Dead End Bodes Ill for Health Care
October 2004, Philippine News

New Procedures to Bring in RNs Discussed
January 2002, Filipino Reporter

Community Action Needed to Extend H-1A
October 1995

INS Throws We Blanket
July 1990, Filipino Reporter

New RN Law: Boon or Bane?
December 1989, Filipino Reporter

Message to White House: Treat Our People Fairly
September 1977, Filipino Reporter